A worn path analysis the southern gothic character

While contemplating, Paul fires his rifle, shooting a rabbit through the head. Paul and Miranda trespass onto the land that was once theirs, hopping into the empty holes and finding treasures that include a dove-shaped coffin pin and a gold ring.

Outside, Clytie gazes at an unrecognizable reflection in a barrel of water. To that end, traditional Gothic tales contain combinations of depraved monks and priests; decaying, maze-like castles that trap innocent maidens and hard-working heroes; ghosts or the unsound rattling chains in towers; sick aristocrats as the last of their lines; and the trap of social status symbolized by dank dungeons and crypts.

A worn path southern gothic

The Southern Twist While Gothic literature warns of abusive religions and aristocracy prevalent in medieval Europe, the post-Civil War South is another place once wealthy because of past abuses. Related Articles. For I have heard of nary death close by" While contemplating, Paul fires his rifle, shooting a rabbit through the head. Read Similar Stories. However, certain things in the story hent to the fact that maybe he has been gone for a long time, and Phoenix continues the journey for self peace and happiness. Further, rabbits are a symbol of abundance and fertility, two things—wealth and immortality—seen lost throughout Gothic stories. He had swallowed lye a few years back, and from what Phoenix says his throat needs constant medicine so that he can stay alive.

This scene highlights the huge disparity in power between the white man and the black woman. The fact that her journey is on a "worn path" also suggests that she has made the trip many times in the past, which she later confirms. Usher, still a bachelor, is losing or has already lost?

The white guy points his gun at the old black lady, tries to scare her, and then lowers his gun. As for the gothic part, there's plenty of that, too.

But she was slowly bending forward by that time, further and further forward, the lids stretched down over her eyes, as if she were doing this in her sleep.

Though it is a short story, it contains each of the primary narrative elements: theme, plot and structure, character, setting and point of view.

a worn path symbolism

But of course it isn't: he hasn't even seen her steal the coin. While admiring the gold ring on her "grubby" thumb, she considers how her attire of boys' overalls and sandals are considered uncouth by the townspeople, and begins to wonder if she should begin wearing her dresses and letting her brother make and call all the shots.

He smiled, and shouldered the gun.

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Exploring Southern Gothic Literature: "A Worn Path", by Eudora Welty