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Certainly it's entertaining as it rolls along, and there is wonderful chemistry of two quite different kinds between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on the one hand, and Cruise and Penelope Cruz on the other. Or can we? But during a lavish birthday party in his honor, one of the corporate lawyers, Thomas Tipp Timothy Spall warns David that the seven are up to something behind his back. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? I simply do NOT understand how anyone could say this film is anything but brilliant. In many scenes, Cruise's famous face is covered with a latex mask, leaving him only his body and his eyes to convey all of the character's emotions. The big deal is that Tom's gorgeous chops are ruined in a car wreck, so he's sobbing in front of the bathroom mirror and gazing in horror at his not that yucky scars and deformities. If you can't wrap your head around epic, high-concept scifi, This movie is amazing, although it's sometimes intense and painful to the point of being hard to watch The negative reviews are hilarious; they remind me of AI, in particular the complaints about "too large of scope".

I suspect that Tom Hanks created the ultimate acting exercise for himself, based on what he feared most — being separated from his family. Overall, a terrific job by Diaz. I went to a second screening because after the first screening I thought I knew what had happened, but was nagged by the idea that certain things might not have happened the way I thought they had.

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This movie has a really cool vibe to it from the moment it starts. We were channeling Brian Wilson to a large extent. Was this review helpful? Movie Review "What is it that makes you happy? It's a punishing picture, a betrayal of everything that Crowe has proved he knows how to do right.

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Nightmares, really. Tweet Think it all the way through, and Cameron Crowe 's "Vanilla Sky" is a scrupulously moral picture. That's why I went to see it a second time. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about The soundtrack is amazing and the suspense is real.

A review of the movie vanilla sky

In the murder—sex scene sound collage, Cameron even used Brian Wilson's speaking voice from a Pet Sounds mix session. Or can we? I'm one of those people that saw this movie for the first time and understood everything, and something I have to note about is that this movie is a true Cameron Crowe masterpiece if you actually understand it. This time thread is intercut with another one in which a psychiatrist Kurt Russell is interrogating him about a murder. Amenabar and his co-writer, Mateo Gil, are credited, but this movie loftily announces that it is "written for the screen and directed by Cameron Crowe" as if Open Your Eyes were some impossibly obscure European source material like a novel or a cave painting or something. And he is about to learn that sometimes, there is simply no going back. The character of David Aames is effectively Jerry Maguire on a bad acid trip, with disfigurement and hallucinatory alienation wiping that winning, signature smirk off his face after the crisis. Or maybe not. I simply do NOT understand how anyone could say this film is anything but brilliant. Families can talk about why David feels unsatisfied at the beginning of the movie, and whether he should have made a pass at the woman his best friend brought to a party. Jack Daniels. Just outside of camera range there are cops and barricades to hold back the traffic. It has one of those plots that doubles back on itself like an Escher staircase. Bradshaw says Open Your Eyes is "certainly more distinctive than" Vanilla Sky, which he describes as an "extraordinarily narcissistic high-concept vanity project for producer-star Tom Cruise.

This movie floored me and stuck with me for years. Ebert interpreted the ending as an explanation for "the mechanism of our confusion", rather than a device that tells "us for sure what actually happened.

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