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Despite knowing that we are part of a vast universe, on a massively complex planet shared with seven billion other human lives, we continue with the truly insane perception that we are the centre of the world.

Tao Te Ching translates very roughly as "the way of integrity". Mitchell does a remarkable job of interpreting the more abstruse metaphors of the fourth-century mind for modern audiences - although, this does of course leave the possibility that it is actually the wisdom of Mitchell, not Laozi, shining through these words.

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These four respective parts deal with 1 myths ofLaozi in the pre-Political Disunion and post-Political Union periods; 2 commentaries on the DDJfrom the late Eastern Han to the Yuan dynasty mid-second century ce.

The volume is divided into four parts, each containing three articles. But what if we stop obsessively naming everything and instead just - pardon me while I slip in to full on hippy mode for a moment - rest in awareness?

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Hence there is an unresolved contradiction in the DDJ. Schwartz says that the mystical quality ofthe DDJdoes not negate the world; this is evident in the text's emphasis on the yin qualities of the world. What would it be like to care for all things as much as we cared for our self?

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This fourth section, consisting ofseven essays, portrays the transformation ofthe DDJfrom a philosophical text into a religious one. Its influence has spread widely outside East Asia and it is among the most translated works in world literature. Little can be said with absolute certainty about the origins of the Tao Te Ching. Part 4 begins with the essay "Situating the Language ofthe Lao-tzu," by William Baxter, whose specialization is Chinese linguistics. Many Chinese artists, including poets, painters, calligraphers, and gardeners, have used the Tao Te Ching as a source of inspiration. In its 81 verses it delivers a treatise on how to live in the world with goodness and integrity: an important kind of wisdom in a world where many people believe such a thing to be impossible. Next best is a leader who is loved. Perhaps if we were more aware, we would worry less, and could see better what actually needs doing. Consensus suggests it was written around BC by one Laozi. Translated by Stephen Mitchell If you can talk about it, it ain't Tao.
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