A review of japanese culture in seven samurai a movie my akira kurosawa

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During the six-week scriptwriting process, Kurosawa and his screenwriters realized that "six sober samurai were a bore—they needed a character that was more off-the-wall". Samurai dramas and epics outside of chambara were a longstanding tradition in Japanese film, drawing from a history of written storytelling. Ostensibly, Japan worked in two major categories: gendaigeki and jidaigeki, both in which any number of genres could function. But if samurai became masterless ronin, they were prevented from undertaking peasant manual labor for pay, and so would become nomadic. We then follow the village delegates on their seemingly impossible quest to convince proud samurai to join their cause. But those who lived in that period may well have considered themselves peculiarly accursed, especially if they were unlucky enough to be farmers. Nothing surprises him. Full of wonderful characters, envisioned scenery, and great performances all around; it is Kurosawa's fantastic story about a poor farming village in 16th century Japan being consistently placed under attack by marauding bandits. Across warring states, warlords known as daimyo controlled individual clans, fighting great battles while vying for power.

Shooting resumed October 3rd and continued until March of Writers Shinobu Hashimoto, Hideo Oguni, and Kurosawa simply elaborated from there, using more bandits and more samurai for an agreeably epic scale.

And along with Kambei and Shichiroji, Katsushiro remains one of the three surviving samurai. Kambei embodies model heroism and selflessness. And should their lord die, samurai would become masterless wanderers known as ronin. Actors sloshed through inches of near-frozen mud, slopping along, their strained efforts unmistakable onscreen.

When asked how many enemies he's recently killed, one samurai responds: "Since it is impossible to kill them all, I usually run away. The film, intended as a "Magnificent Seven in outer space", [32] [33] is based on the plots of The Magnificent Seven and Seven Samurai. Foreigners were expelled; Japan became a closed country, cut off from the outside world.

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Kurosawa believed Seven Samurai would entertain by marrying realism, both historical and fatalistic, with classical cinematic archetypes. Dig under the floorboards.

A review of japanese culture in seven samurai a movie my akira kurosawa
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Seven Samurai: A Film by Akira Kurosawa