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Some people hate revision. Her novel gives a voice to young people who struggle to articulate the relational dynamics that they experience as they grow up with immigrant parents. Beginning at a young age, An-mei has to endure many situations.

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What about the book as a whole—what kind of allegorical meaning did you intend for it to have? It is divided into four different sections. It did not occur to me that the details of the story might raise questions about what was being represented as a larger sociological phenomenon about mixed marriages. Lena has a serious eating disorder, and she bitterly resents the way that she and her husband, Harold, split their finances, and how her career has suffered in order to advance his. An-mei recalls the pain of watching her mother sacrifice her own flesh to save the life of her own mother, who has already disowned her. To what extent do you think that Jing-mei is right? The members have mainly played mahjong and told each other's stories over the years. They recall moments in their past when they were faced with similar circumstances but defied what they believed was bad fate in order to find their true worth. Why do you think these four families have continued to come together like this after so much time has passed? The club does have some basis in my life. With this outline, I took the first stab at writing the dialogue. Asian Americans are grateful to Tan for writing a novel that gives some visibility to a concealed minority group. When she turns fifteen, she marries and is stuck for four years in a loveless, abusive, and childless marriage. Her methods of ensuring a long-lasting marriage must work, because Lou and I are still together after thirty-six years.

Men and women each have specific standards and expectations in the society. Christianity has a long history in China and found a lot of compatibility with the poor. Molly advised I write and see. This novel explores countless topics.

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Jing-mei thinks that the reason this upsets the aunties is that it makes them fear that they may not know their own daughters either. The Joy Luck Club was first published in How has your perspective on the book changed over the intervening seventeen years?

But I hope that students will also sense after reading it that I was not just writing about Chinese people or just mothers or daughters.

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Making Asian American Women Visible: The Joy Luck Club